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Always available to bring an 'exotic' experience to any project. Whether it's adding humor to your promotion/commercial or being a conversation piece/photo opportunity for your next private event.  VegasJoeX is available!

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Bradley Weldon

p: 405.885.2422

e: vegasjoex@yahoo.com


Dreams come true, so DREAM BIG!  
I know that you will LOVE my books!
Hello, I'm Bradley Weldon, husband, father and an author. In a sea of children's books it's really hard to stand out from the crowd.  
You've come this far, Please order an autographed hardback copy of my book(s)!


At the end of the day, VegasJoeX comes home to his real life zoo of two daughters and a little boy. 

Your whole audience will say " Oh my GOD that guy has a mullet"

Joe Exotic

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